Here are just a few kind words from some of the top casting professionals in the industry that have worked with Batherson Casting.

Victoria Burrows, Casting Director

King Kong
Monster House
Lord of the Rings
Return of the King
The Two Towers
The Fellowship of the Ring

"From the first time I met Robin & worked with her....I knew she had the touch....She's the LOUSIANA "GO TO" GIRL!"
--Victoria Burrows

Lisa Mae Fincannon, Casting Director

The Dukes of Hazzard
Runaway Jury
Glory Road
Skeleton Key
T.V. series Dawson’s Creek

"A great background casting director takes an eye for detail. It's not about moving people, it is about painting the exact background needed for each scene. Robin's intelligence, talent, and eagerness to work makes her one of the best at what she does. Detail is her forte'."
--Lisa Mae Fincannon, C.S.A.

Judy Bouley, Casting Director

Master and Commander
Cast Away
Basic Instinct
"Déjà vu" 

"Wisely, I hired Robin Batherson to help me with casting on the Tony Scott/Jerry Bruckheimer movie, “Déjà vu”.

"DejaVu" was my first casting job in New Orleans. With the daunting task of needing to cast over 6,000 extras of all ages, shapes and sizes in New Orleans, with less than half of it’s population back in the city post Hurricane Katrina, I knew I needed to hire a partner who was up to the task.

There was no one else who could have taken on this challenging a casting assignment except Robin Batherson.

With her feature film and TV experience, Robin has the files, contacts, and excellent relationships with the regulatory agencies, in particular, the Labor Commission. She is meticulous in her paperwork with all permits.

Besides her spot on talent for picking the right faces Robin is cool under fire, navigating her way through the constant changing schedules, last minute additions, and all the other details that are the norm with filmmaking.

Lastly, and to my way of thinking her most important quality - Robin is compassionate in her dealings with each and every extra, actor, and member of the production staff. Simply put - she cares.

I would hire Robin on any production shooting anywhere.

Judith Bouley, CSA
Background Casting Director, “DejaVu”

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