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We are a professional casting company with great, long lasting relationships with directors, producers and casting professionals throughout the United States.
By registering with Batherson Casting, you put your portfolio in front of the film industry's experienced casting directors.
We choose Actors from our database first when casting for theatrical releases and made for televsion movies. We have an impeccable track record having completed every project we have been retained for.
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We look to our database first for actors to use in the movies we are casting.
You can avoid the burdensome task of going to open casting calls which are usually only for one movie.
We have a steady flow of movies coming to Louisiana and are looking to expand in the near future.
We have casted movies in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport and throughout the Gulf Coast.
We have an impeccable reputation with Hollywood's directors, producers, casting directors and the Major Studios.
We have completed every assigned project hired for in the film industry!
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